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AS-INTERFACE: Your Process is Well-connected with the SENITEC AS-i Network

Senitec AS-InterfaceAn AS-i network offers a cost-efficient alternative to conventional cabling at the lowest level of the automation hierarchy, where it can operate stand-alone or with a controller. A network can also link into a higher level fieldbus for low-cost remote I/O. Continuous enhancements have broadened the applications base and today AS-i is proven in  thousands of products and applications spanning the automation spectrum. Both power and communication signals are transmitted over the same two-wire unshielded cable, at distances up to 100 meters, or up to 300 meters with repeaters.
The SENITEC SHADOW AS-i slave module mounts externally, or in our standard housings, and is fully compliant with version 2.1 of the AS-Interface protocol. Up to 62 PID slave modules can be networked to a single master, providing a powerful and efficient low-cost automated network. The SHADOW AS-i module can supply 80ma of output power to devices such as solenoids.
With the ability to network low-level field devices to provide rapid data transfer and real-time diagnostics, AS-i is quickly gaining favor with customers worldwide. If you are looking for a low-cost solution to your field networking needs, contact SENITEC today.

SHADOW AS-i Sensor Outline Drawing

Composed: 03/24/2004 | Modified: 09/08/2010
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