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SHADOW Inductive Sensors

SHADOW Your Process with the new SENITEC Inductive Sensor Product Line

SHADOW Your Process With The SENITEC Inductive Sensor Product Line

SENITEC is pleased to announce the addition of our new SHADOW Inductive Sensor product line. Designed to mount directly on the actuator and fit in the tightest spaces, the SHADOW is the perfect complement to our popular SENITEC enclosed switches.

The open housing of the SHADOW product line is especially well-suited for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. It offers secure protection against environmental conditions, including high chemical resistance, in both indoor and outdoor applications. It is quickly and easily mounted on the actuator, has high impact resistance, and is maintenance free. We also offer a terminal chamber version of the SHADOW which fits in our enclosures for those applications that require even more protection from environmental conditions.

The sensor design provides versatile mounting in both 80mm X 30mm and 130mm X 30mm standard configurations. The position indication is easily seen from all sides on both the rotary target puck and the sensor LED windows. Wiring connections are easily made to the industry standard connectors.

The SHADOW is available in DeviceNet, AS-i, AC/DC, and DC sensor models. A large selection of wiring cordsets, receptacles, and connectors are available to match your plant standards. Installation, setup, and commissioning of your field network is fast and efficient, resulting in cost savings and shorter project cycles.

Please refer to the technical data sheets for detailed specifications:
SHADOW Sensor Outline Drawing